Your competitor online
Your competitor online

Why is your competitor selling more than you?

And your store has been flat for a month now?

It is not like this. Once, a brother near my house asked me like this. About advertising on Facebook.

Why do two people advertise together for a while? Same budget, same content, same target.

Yet one person can sell and the other cannot.

That question made me think for a long time without finding an answer so I clicked my tongue to ignore it.

But today I have found 3 reasons why you are not selling like your competitors. As mentioned below.

In just 3 words: Content, marketing, and calling to action.

Which I call CMC for short.

It stands for

C: Content

M: Marketing

C: Call to action

Let me explain to you more fully.

First: Content is the most important factor that,

leads users to spend on average 40 minutes watching videos on Youtube. According to user statistics in the US. It also helps you to increase your views, subscribers. Advertising revenue from Youtube.

Or increase the number of participants in your email list. Or simply click the link below the description of the video buy.

Example: YouTube has a monthly course for content creators.

And this guy’s…

More valuable images = more conversions on your website.

As mentioned in the previous post. You already know how influential photos and videos are. If you have not seen it, you can review it in the pinned comments of this article.

We already have a highly interactive photo platform, Instagram, and an emerging video platform, TikTok

There have been many successful sellers through it.

I, too, are still selling through Youtube, Google, and Facebook with just those images and videos.

So the question is: Will taking more photos will make you sell more.

The answer is no, it won’t happen.

Here’s a creative recipe for success on Youtube.

How to increase views on Youtube is not difficult just follow the formula. ( Image from Canva )

In 2014 I started making youtube and then quit. By 2017, do it again and then quit.

By 2019, go to work on Google and youtube advertising for businesses. I just started making professional Youtube.

After reading a lot of the articles. As well as practice managing youtube channels for many clients.

Then I conclude to make more views for the youtube channel, you need to focus on 3 words then:

CMC formula (content — marketing — call to action)

Specifically like this:

C: video content is the topic of the video

This simple than you think

Your appearance will help others decide how to think about you.
Your appearance will help others decide how to think about you.

Theoretically, we are often taught that it is necessary to judge a person by their intellect, not their appearance. But in fact, everything is completely different.

People around will judge you first by how you look. That is the first impression people feel of you. And those first impressions usually last much longer than it takes you to build.

One time, at a supermarket, I noticed a stall selling seedless grapes for 15 cents a pound. …

The answer to my question 12 years ago has already been found.

Do you have all the things you wish for.

If not, then write this I will show you a simple routine. But has the ability to help you increase your income 100 times. And get rich in the decade to 2020–2030.

Do you want to increase your income like online case studies. Practice your first skill to become rich.

That is information management skills.

Be sensitive to information

You will make a lot of money in this information age.

1. What is information management skills?

This statement almost everyone knows. Examples that go with…

By Audit setup and optimize your Google ads campaigns for a furniture store in 1 month

Hello, You know online business is the trend this year and in the years to come. It is attracting a lot of people to join. If you are a business owner that sells furniture, home furniture. And you click on my ad then this post is for 1 you to solve your problem.

So you already know how to survive and thrive among the crowd of online businesses out there. …

My teacher about business

Please follow my story.

In 2016 I participated in a 3-day seminar on entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, and investment by a young 8x generation real estate businessman.
He told me a phrase that has followed me throughout my advertising journey. That is: ‘’ Good products have decided up to 50% of the success of any marketing campaign ‘’
The rest is because you do advertising, marketing, selling as well as customer care.
At that time I only found it partially correct. Since I’m still a student, I haven’t had much experience.
After graduating in 2017, I made a profit to build a website and then manage…

You are an entrepreneur, an online shop owner or simply want to increase e-commerce sales via video ads. Specifically on Youtube, the world’s largest video social network.

5 Tips to help you sell through videos, especially on youtube, effectively

Today I will share you with 5 helpful but useful tips to help you promote your YouTube videos successfully. Drawn from my own experience making youtube ads.

Don’t try to be professional, talk about the benefits of the product first.

Do you think what customers are thinking when they watch your video?

But even if they already know what this product…

There are things that seem simple but make a great decision on the psychology of consumer purchases that you easily overlook, which is writing a product description.

What would customers want to read when buying an online product?

Many online businesses only focus on how to advertise their products to attract more purchases, and the “Product Description” section for them merely provides the necessary information for the product. So among hundreds of types of products that are similar in nature and value to use, what factors determine which customers will choose to buy your product, instead of the competitors?


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